SeeWoo Seafood - Appetisers


Imperial hors d’oeuvres (minimum 2 persons)
barbecue spare ribs, crispy pancake rolls (v),
sesame prawn toast, deep fried won ton,
& crispy seaweed (v)
Price per person
Dim sum hors d’oeuvres (minimum 2 persons)
steamed assorted dumplings:-
siu mai (pork and prawn) (1 piece)
har kau (prawn) (1 piece)
seafood dumpling (1piece)
fun kor (pork & radish dumpling) (1 piece)
Price per person
Crispy aromatic duck
served with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber & hoisin sauce
¼ duck
½ duck
whole duck
Scallop served in its shell
steamed with ginger & spring onion or black bean sauce
Price each
Spicy salt & pepper soft shell crab with chilli
Price each
Spicy salt & pepper squid with chilli
Spicy salt & pepper bean curd with chilli
Mussels in black bean sauce (6 pieces)
Crispy seaweed (v)
Vegetarian spring rolls (6 pieces) (v)
Assorted satay served with a spicy peanut sauce
chicken, beef or prawn
Pork spare ribs (5 pieces)
barbecue style, peking style or served with salt & chilli
Prawn cocktail