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Set Menu A (minimum 2 persons)

5 Course Special - Price per person £25.00

Includes 1 Soup, 1 Appetiser, 1 Main Course, 1 Dessert & Tea or Coffee


Chicken & sweetcorn soup
Hot & sour soup


Deep fried imperial hors d'oeuvres
Barbecue spare ribs, crispy pancake roll, sesame prawn toast, deep fried won ton & crispy seaweed

Dim sum hors d'oeuvres
Steamed siu mai (pork & prawn dumpling), har kau (prawn dumpling), seafood dumpling and fun kor (pork & radish dumping)

Main course

Served with special fried rice and stir fried mixed vegetables

Lemon chicken
Fried crispy shredded beef
Sweet & sour pork Cantonese style
Beef with ginger & spring onion
Roast duck, barbecue pork and crispy pork belly
Chicken with almonds in an orange & Cointreau sauce
Szechuan chicken
Kung po beef
Chicken with green peppers in black bean sauce


Ice cream
Gateau served with fresh cream

Tea / Coffee