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Sunday Brunch Set Menu

Price per person £11.50

Includes 1 Appetiser and 1 Main Course

Appetisers (Dim Sum style)

Steamed prawn dumplings
Pork & prawn dumplings
Steamed beef balls
Spare ribs in black bean sauce
Baby squid in satay sauce
Beancurd rolls in Abalone sauce
Shanghai buns
Pork & radish dumplings
BBQ pork buns
Mushroom & meat buns
Seafood dumplings
Egg yolk lotus seed paste buns
Butter sponge cake
Queen custard buns

Main Course

All main courses served with a choice of boiled rice, fried rice, crispy noodles or rice noodles

Roast duck
Roast duck & barbecue pork
Roast duck & crispy pork belly
Roast duck & soya chicken
Barbecue pork
Barbecue pork & crispy pork belly
Barbecue pork & soya chicken
Crispy pork belly
Crispy pork belly & soya chicken
Soya chicken
Beef with green peppers in black bean sauce
Chicken with green peppers in black bean sauce
King prawns with green peppers in black bean sauce
Beef satay
Chicken satay
King prawn satay
Sweet & sour chicken
Sweet & sour king prawns
Crispy shredded beef
Chicken curry
Beef curry
King prawn curry
Mixed seafood
Mixed mushrooms (v)
Singapore rice noodles (spicy)
Vegetarian Singapore rice noodles (spicy) (v)
Seasonal vegetables with bailin mushrooms (v)